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Aug 29, 2005
My daughter's MBP has died and school is starting so she needs something ASAP. Unfortunately, the 2016s are not available yet, otherwise we'd get one. What we're looking for is a low cost, used MBP (or MB) that will get her by until the 2016s are released.

We appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.


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Aug 3, 2006
Craigslist for used, but I'd honestly check out Apple refurbs. You can get a decently new computer with a full year of warranty at a discount from new.


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Feb 18, 2014
Southern California
Apple refurbs on Apple's site are also a good option. Might not be the cheapest one, but the computer will be as near new as you can get without paying for new which should bring as higher resale price if you want to sell it and get a newer model as some point in the future.

Ebay is another option but it helps to know the specs you want before going in. It was so much easier back in the day when Apple gave their laptop versions names so if you wanted to buy a used one a year or so after they came out, you knew what to look for on the used market.

Good luck!


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May 3, 2009
What we're looking for is a low cost, used MBP (or MB) that will get her by until the 2016s are released.
What will the 2016 models do that the current 2017 models will not?

In case you're unaware, Intel's latest chipset Kaby lake will not be out for the MBP until 2017. While Apple may update the Mac line this fall, it will be a small measured update. If it were me looking to buy, I'd ask will the current models fit my needs.

Also another point to consider, do you really want to spend money on what will amount to be a throw away computer, why not just put those funds towards a new computer?

finally, have you considered a Dell XPS or an Asus computer, both of those are on Skylake and are less expensive then Apple's offering?


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Feb 20, 2009
Just wondering, but what has "died" on the existing MacBook?

What is going on?


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Mar 29, 2009
I'd do eBay or a forum/craigslist. All the big used Mac re-sellers are priced a little steep IMO. I know they are more trustworthy, etc, but the prices are more than I would want to pay.


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Nov 3, 2011
SF Bay Area
I second ebay or craiglist. But, if you do decide to go with Apple refurb, check the prices of new units from Amazon or B&H. This time of year, and with new MacBooks likely coming, the new unit's discounted price may be close to the same as a year old refurb.
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