Best OTA DVRs (since ATV4 doesn't have DVR capability)

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dgalvan123, Sep 10, 2015.

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    I've been using the Channlemaster DVR+ for just under a year now, and it is very user friendly and reliable.
    Previously, I was using a HD Homerun (by SiliconDust) and the EyeTV software on my mac (by Elgato). That worked ok, but was a bit of a hassle because it was complex.
    The content path was:

    OTA Antenna --> HD Homerun Tuner --> Router --> EyeTV on mac --> iTunes on mac --> Apple TV.

    The hassle would usually occurs either between the HD Homerun and the EyeTV software (the hardware and software are made by two different companies that don't really support each other, annoyingly), and in the process of transcoding the recorded videos out of EyeTV so that they could be imported into iTunes and viewable on the Apple TV.

    With the Channelmaster DVR+, the content path is:

    OTA Antenna --> DVR+.

    Much simpler, easier to use, and no dependence on other devices or computers. Also, no recurring cost, unlike the subscription fees with Tivo.
    I highly recommend for anyone interested in OTA DVR capability.

    (I don't work for Channelmaster, nor do I know anyone who works for them. Just a happy user hoping to share a recommendation to like-minded TV folks. Apple TV is apparently not going to solve this problem, despite long-time dreams of Apple integrating DVR functionality. I've found the best option for this at the lowest cost is to circumvent Apple. The ATV is still my most used "input", mainly for Netflix and homesharing. But the Channelmaster is now a close input 2.)

    Anyone else really like their DVR setup?
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    I really like my tablo dvr setup. The tablo works over Internet so I actually stream the content through the Apple TV and don't have to change inputs. Currently I'm using my iPad and AirPlay, but I am hoping that tablo will create an app for the new App Store to allow for direct access.

    Setup is as follows. OTA antenna --> tablo dvr-->internet router (wired is better but wireless works also). With this setup, I can put the antenna and tablo wherever I want and it acts as a whole home dvr in the sense that I can access the content from any device connected to the home internet.

    The box is cheaper than the channelmaster but you do need to buy a hard drive of your size choice to store the recordings. There is an optional $5 subscription with some nice benefits, but it is optional and not something I choose to pay for.
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    They are indeed working on a tvOS app.

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