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    Hi -

    Trying to find a good PDA that syncs properly with OS X. I've been using a HP PDA that works great with a Windows PC but even though the MarkSpace conduit works, it's still very rocky. From what I can see, it's Palm OS or nothing. Any recommendations? Oh, it *must* have built-in WiFi.

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    Jul 26, 2005
    You can sync PowerPC-based devices with Mac using a third-party application; I believe it's called Missing Link.
    Sony, which uses PalmOS, has announced that they will be no longer supporting Mac syncing, so there again you'd have to use a third-party conduit.
    Palm itself has excellent syncing with Macs, but you said that it MUST have built-in WiFi.
    There are only 2 Palm models with built-in WiFi - the Tungsten C and the new LifeDrive.
    Here's the link to the Palm comparison page:

    If Wi-Fi is not an ABSOLUTE, I love my Tungsten E2 - it has Bluetooth and syncs beautifully with my PB AND iMac.

    Good luck!

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