Best performance possible out of upgraded iMac G4?


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Mar 7, 2005
What upgrades would be possible to allow for the best possible performance out of an iMac G4?

I love the design and configuration out of this machine, but I know that even though it is a desktop, its stock performance isn't as powerful as my PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz 15" with 1.25Gig of RAM.

So, if I bought an iMac G4, what would be the best model to start with for performance, and what could be done to get the most out of it?

Oh, and are there any articles or write-ups available on this specific subject by someone who has done the same thing I am curious about?


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Essentially: Choose the fastest stock iMac G4 you can find at a decent price, Upgrade the RAM. That's it.

There aren't any CPU upgrades I am aware of, and it is difficult to change out the hard drive (even if the one in there were a 5400 RPM - chances are it is already a 7200 RPM)

If you want faster tha that, you'll have to look toward the G5 series.

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