Best Photo Management App for OS or iOS?


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Oct 2, 2011
New York City!
I hate Windows now that I'm learning to use my Mac more and more... but I can't get over the simple, basic way of using folders to manually sort and save photos in Windows 7.

Someone (from on here) showed me other apps to manage my iTunes music (Harken, a music player app for purchased iTunes music) and I would LOVE if there was something similar for photos for either an iPad or an iMac.

Something for easy, simple, manual sorting of photos. When I use Apple's photos app, they don't actually move the photos into different folders, if they are deleted from the photo roll (or something like this) they are gone from the new locations too.

Anyway, is there any simple, easy folder system/app/program for a Mac to manually sort and organize photos from my iPhone, as well as those on my Mac that aren't crawling with "features" encouring me to "connect" and "share" on other platforms, or backing up to an online service?

Cost is no issue in this case. Thank you!


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Feb 19, 2012
I found the Photos app rather hard to use. Aperture was really good and I found Capture One Pro as the closest replacement. It has excellent organising features that are easy to use. Especially the filter tool. It has folders, albums, smart albums, flags, tags etc. It claims to have best image quality editing which I can't disagree. You can edit your images with other apps like PS or Affinity directly from inside Capture One ("roundtrip").

You can either manage your photos leaving them in Finder where they are or import them to the library managed by the app.

Some people use Photo Mechanic which is an organising-only app, but I haven't tried it myself.


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Aug 29, 2009
I've organized everything manually for as long as I can remember. iTunes has an option not to copy everything over into its own folder.

As for photos, I never touch iPhotos. I use Image Capture to import anything I've taken.


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Jan 4, 2015
Key West FL
I've been organizing my photos manually for roughly 2 decades. I still do, but I now do it in Lightroom. I still have all the images sorted in to human understandable folder trees, but use Lr as my primary interface into those folders.
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