Best place to sell apple edition watch

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
I usually use Craigslist to sell my Apple products but I know the edition is pretty unique for who would want to buy it, any thoughts on where to sell it?
Craigslist is likely your best bet for cash in hand. Be careful with sites like eBay, although they are successful, there are a lot of potential fraud issues. If you can, sell locally, if you opt for online is selling, try Swappa.


Jun 9, 2004
Clearwater, FL
I hate Facebook, but my friends have had good luck selling expensive camera gear locally on their Marketplace. Meet the buyer in a public location and only accept cash.


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Nov 14, 2013
I’m in the same boat. It doesn’t seem to have much value.

Some sites don’t accept it as a trade, or they offer you <$300 for it. The same sites are giving $250 for the SS models.

I looked at swappa, and it’s not much better.

I’m debating skipping out on series 4 because I’ll be selling my ceramic Apple Watch Edition at such a loss, and the grey ceramic is a gorgeous watch.
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