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Oct 20, 2005
Sussex, England

I'm going to be terribly biased and say the one for my TV show ShortCutters

Shows short films, and offers tips and tricks for making short-form movies and animations.

Based on the TV show of the same name thats been running for nearly a year now. We've had around 10,000 downlaods of it, and had some pretty good feedback.


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Jun 13, 2005
Once upon a time I would drive to work listening to a podcast of the previous day's Tony Kornheiser Show.

As there is no longer a Tony Kornheiser Show, I've put podcasts aside for the time being.

Such that:

Without Mr. Tony, podcasting stinks.


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Aug 5, 2004
a profane existence
Tiki Bar TV
The Show with Ze Frank
Um... almost any music podcast such as Kexp Song of the Day, KEXP Music that Matters, CBC Radio 3, and more


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Jan 21, 2002
Langley, Washington
2 Irish Geeks and a TV - As an American, I really enjoy listening to these guys Irish accents, their use of the language, their insults, and their take on American TV.

GeekiNtertainment - Midwest Geeks, with odd tastes.

Film Fever Radio - Aaron Duran (GeekintheCity.com) and Scott Dally (FilmFeverRadio.com) discuss Movies, and attempt to keep an open mind.

The Rick Emerson Show Podcast - My podcasting of the Portland, OR based Rick Emerson Show (edited for commercials).



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Feb 20, 2004
bep207 said:
Ricky Gervais hands down.
I second that. The RG podcasts are hilarious - even if you have to pay for them now. If you do some searching on the web you can dig up torrents of the old Xfm radio shows that those guys did before the podcasts. Same sort of stuff - longer format.

Edit - you can get the old Xfm archives from the source

Tom B.

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Mar 22, 2006
Definetly Ricky Gervais. And if you havn't listened to his podcasts yet, you are missing out.

Russell Brand's podcasts are a very very close second place, and are funnier than 99% of other podcasts. You subscribe through iTunes or here.

Also, i listen to the Stuff Magazine Podcast every week, which talks about all the latest technology based news, but in an enjoyable way. You can subscribe through iTunes or here.

My favourite video podcast is Channel Frederator. Every week they show the best animations that have been submitted to them. You can subscribe through iTunes or here.


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Jul 20, 2006
60-Second Science
CBS News 60 Minutes - Selected Segments
Ebert & Roeper
this Week in Tech (and CrankyGeeks)


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Jan 23, 2003
Southern California
The only podcast I listen to on a daily basis is Penn Jillette's radio show.

If you didn't already know, Penn Jillette is the bigger, louder guy from Penn & Teller. He's also a Mac user, a hardcore libertarian, and an atheist. Show topics range from current events (but usually a slightly different angle than what the mainstream media is talking about) to interviews with famous people (a lot of comics) to just plain silly stuff. Every Tuesday is Monkey Tuesday where listeners call or write in with funny stories about encounters with monkeys. Always hilarious.

It's pretty light listening, usually interesting, and always fun. You don't have to agree with Penn's politics or religion to enjoy the show. And unlike the vast majority of talk radio hosts, he doesn't argue with his callers who disagree with him; he accepts that they have a different viewpoint and usually his biggest comeback is "You're probably right!". Very refreshing.

Sheesh, could I sound more like an advertisement? :rolleyes: :D