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Nov 11, 2012
TuneIn Radio is quite good and I would recommend it. It provides for all of the music type stations I listen to. It is my favorite radio app. However be aware that it may not meet all of your needs.

Haven't done an exhaustive evaluation, but it appears that TuneIn will NOT allow you to access any of the Clear Channel stations. They will show up when you do a search but will not play. The I Heart Radio app seems to be the exclusive provider of the Clear Channel stations, so if you listen to talk and news stations as well as music, you may need to have both apps. That is what I do.

The only other app I have tried is RadioBOX. This one is really lame. It has three different search engines on it, yet none of them would access any of the stations I was interested in. NOT recommended.


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Aug 15, 2002
Corning, NY
I have always liked Rdio better than Spotify, and we also use Slacker for more 'channel surfing' for the family.

Definitely checking out iTunes Radio in the fall.
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