Best ram upgrade for 2.8ghz iMac

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mike81, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. mike81 macrumors newbie


    Dec 14, 2007
    Hello everyone, I searched for some info on this but havent come up with much. I now own a 2.8ghz iMac and of course want to upgrade to 4gig of Ram. Ive taken a look at DMS, OWC and Crucial's sites for the upgrade. Crucial and DMS only really offer one or two options, OWC has several Ram kits for sale. Does anyone have experience or opinions on which would be the better choice for the 4gig upgrade? OWC, TechWorks, Micron and Samsung all offer 4gig set ups on OWC's site for varing prices.

    Any input would be helpful, this is the first time I am doing an aftermarket ram upgrade on a mac.

    If this has been discussed before, a link to the thread would do me just fine too.

    Thanks, Mike
  2. heatmiser macrumors 68020

    Dec 6, 2007
    Just go to Newegg, look up the 4gb kits <$100, and pick a set with lots of positive reviews. You'll likely see posters mentioning their iMac/MB/P upgrades too.
  3. CanadaRAM macrumors G5


    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    MR Guide To Understanding Intel Mac RAM

    There is no "Best". All 100% compatible RAM for Intel macs will run at exactly, precisely the same speed. So really what you are choosing is the reputation of the brand name, and the service you get from the seller. What you will get from DMS (and OWC) is Mac-knowledgeable, personalized service. With a big box store or electronics discounter, you are on your own. Try phoning DMS and time how long it takes to get a Mac knowledgeable person on the phone. Then try that with a big box outlet.

    A good seller also will pay shipping both ways if the RAM arrives DOA and will not hit you with restocking charges if the RAM is incompatible and you want a refund. You do not usually get that service at a discounter either. Check the policies before buying.
  4. gorby macrumors 6502

    Oct 20, 2007
    I'm inclined to go with OWC when I finally get more RAM
  5. mike81 thread starter macrumors newbie


    Dec 14, 2007
    thanks for the replies, i will be buying from one of the 3 sellers listed on this site, just wanted to make sure all ram was created equal before i made a final choice.

    thanks again
  6. GlennH macrumors newbie

    Nov 22, 2007
    I recently bought 4GB (two 2GB sticks) of Crucial RAM from for $120, less a $24 automatic rebate for paying via PayPal that I've already received.

    One of the sticks wouldn't work in my new iMac at all, apparently DOA. I got an RMA from Newegg and sent it back last week. I hope to get a working replacement soon. In the meantime I'm running fine with 3GB installed.
  7. jtmav macrumors member

    Dec 15, 2007
    First post, but I just added a total of 4 gigs from OWC and it worked flawlessly out of the box. The new iMac flies.

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