Best 'real' games on the iPad


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Mar 12, 2012
Howdy all.

Had the new iPad for a week now and the only thing I'm missing is a game I can really get into. Have the standard iOS games which are fun but not 'real' games if you get my drift!

Only one I've paid for as of yet is great little war game hd which is good fun.

Any suggestions? Possibly a mixture of paid/any good free ones if there are any out there!



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Mar 10, 2011
If you like Great Little War, you might like Greed HD or Civilization Revolutions. Download yourself a price tracking app and pick them up when they go on sale if you want to save some $.


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Mar 5, 2011
My tip: download the app "appshopper" and register so you can login.

Then add theese apps to your wishlist: dead space for ipad, shadowgun, mass effect: infiltrator, galaxy on fire 2 HD, real racing 2.

If any on these games goes on sale, appshopper will notify you. If money is not a problem you can check those games out right away. I enjoyed dead space for iPad very much and it was only one dollar because it was on sale. Same for real racing 2. The other three games are games I have on my wishlist because they seem like games I can 'dig into'.

Other games I've played alot is Infinity Blade 2, GTA3 and currently I am very much enjoying the awesome multiplayer experience of Modern Combat 3. It is only one dollar because gameloft is having some titles on sale atm. Modern Combat 3 is like Call of Duty 4, but on your iPad. I. Multiplayer killingsprees grants you satellite scan, air strike, air support etc. As you play you get xp and cash so you can buy new weapons, perks etc. It is updated for the new iPads retina display.

Sid meier's Pirates for iPad was also a great deal of fun.

My 2 cents.
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Aug 15, 2010
Infinity Blade 2
Hero Academy
Chaos Rings 2
Sword and Sorcery
Order and Chaos
Soul Calibur
Sonic CD