Best rechargable AA?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by apfhex, Jan 16, 2007.

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    I'm looking to buy some rechargeable AA batteries + charger. Mostly for my Wiimote, but could be for other things too. I'm clueless about the latest reachable technology. Obviously I care about battery life, charge time, how many cycles they will go through before wearing out, etc. Also a good place to buy, if online is better or if popular retail stores have anything decent.
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    I'm always looking.

    Eveready has some 2500 mAh batteries, which you can find about anywhere. They seem a bit expensive but you can probably find deals. Panasonic is another brand I've tried and their batteries have done a good job but they're more difficult to find. My oldest Energizer/Eveready batteries are 3 years old and are pretty much dead. The Panasonics are 2 years old and still seem full of life.

    I bought a set from Adorama Camera last week with 4-2900 mAh AAs and 4-1000 mAh AAAs, AC adapter with international plug adapter, as well as a car adapter for $24.99.
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    Wallyworld has a set under the brand name "Digital". It has 4x AA (2200mAh) + 4x AAA (900mAh), the charger base & and a car adapter for ~$16. I've been using the AA's for about a year now in my digicam, through 1000's of charges, notta problemo :p They can also be found at any other big retailer too

    Generally, the higher the mAh rating, and the faster the recharge time, the more expensive they will be. They can vary between 1800-2800mAh and 1hr-8hrs, for $16-$80. The higher mAh and faster ones are better for heavy-drain devices like digicams, but for most other things, the less expensive ones will do fine.......
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    Sep 8, 2006
    im using the energizer rechargeables
    they last a week or two in the wireless MM
    yeah they're expensive but they're the same price as lithiums
    like whats his name said if you can find the panasonic ones get them
    i have had nothing but excelent raves about panasonic stuff
    by far they make the best microwave ever
    and their standard alkalines if i rememberer were bulletproof
    so their rechargeables should give equal performance

    to anyone that thinks panasonic stuff is cheap you are sadly wrong

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