Best settings for Hear for MacBook

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    Feb 5, 2008
    I downloaded the application Hear a couple days ago ( ), and I've been messing with the settings ever since, since all of the built in presets make everything sound worse.

    Does anyone know a good way to configure it to get the most out of an older MacBook's speakers? I have what i think sounds pretty good, but it could be better I think.
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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Since everyones tastes are different, there are no "one size fits all"
    It has taken me 3 weeks, maybe because I'm anal, but I began with the presets for each genre,began at the General tab, and wound up w/Sub. Everyone's tastes are different, and I only adjusted to the type of music I have,
    once satisfied, with the settings for each genre, I saved the set up, so next time I used that genre, the setting that appeal to me will be used.
    I have a 2 speaker/sub, Creative set up, and especially like the ability to adjust them to room size, as everything is on a moveable cart.

    Hear is well worth the money, the sound is incredible.
    Sorry I couldn't be more help,but I like my "Alternative" probably crisper than most,Panic in the disco's "ODD" will be set differently than Fischerspooner, but tend to mellow YO-YO-Ma's Cello more than you would.
    So I guess the answer is, set to thy own ear.;)
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    Nov 21, 2008
    Best Settings for Hear for MacBook

    Hello, I have a MacbookPro set up with a set of M-Audio AV40. It has also taken me lots and lots of tries and after I liked one setting then everything would change with the next song. So here is what I ended up doing:

    Blocked ALL sound enhancements and just adjusted the EQ. Now everything is great. It seems like all those effects at one point crash all together and at least on my side it was giving a sense of blown up speakers. Just the EQ worked perfect for me. Now, I don't see the point in telling you how my settings are since everything on your side is completely different, from ears to room to speakers and even how your head process the sounds and what you like. So that being said my recommendation is just use the EQ and play with the levels until you are comfortable. If you want to still use the rest of the settings then go one by one and play with them for a good 30mins.

    Good luck
  5. zxen, Dec 20, 2015
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    Every preset creates reverb clash. The best thing you can do with HEAR is simply increase the volume of your speakers/headphones instead of messing around with the settings. I advise everyone simply do this:

    In the top of HEAR, select On. In the dropdown menu beside that, select Defaults>00 Everything Off.

    Now your headphones and Mac speakers will be louder without any stupid reverb. If you have a sound system hooked in, you might want to experiment with other options in HEAR, otherwise all other options are just going to annoy you.

    To adjust volume to be louder, there are 4 volume controls:

    1. The volume slider in the software you are using.
    2. The volume control on your computer
    3. HEAR volume General tab volume knob (maximum is 6)*
    4. HEAR EQ tab Preamp (dB) slider (maximum is 6)*

    *3 and 4 are the same and are connected.

    HEAR should now be set as described above to maximum volume of 6. Most of your programs will already be set to maximum volume too. Now all you need to ever deal with is your computer's volume control. You can ensure Hear starts whenever your computer is turned on by right clicking the HEAR icon in the dock, then selecting Options>Open at Login. It doesn't appear to use too much memory, so just leave it on forever. If you are using the trial version, it will lock you out after about a month, after which time I suggest you pay $20 on your credit card instead of chasing serial numbers and keygens. There are none around :(, so just pay. Consider it cheaper and more practical than external speakers, and you'll be satisfied.

    I use HEAR when streaming online movies and the volume is around 150% louder. It's worth it, and my research indicates that the Macbook speakers are unlikely to blow using this program at maximum volume (but don't forget Macbook speakers are only little so don't expect to be able to throw a party from your Macbook speakers without an external amplifier).

    I hope this helps. Let me know if this advice was useful for you :)
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    Nov 11, 2016
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    Actually I have a preset And the link is right here You use it, you Get the dream audio (the links: and ) And put them in

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