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    Has anyone else been using Best Skins Ever for their Macbooks?

    I have been using it since about 2010 and I've pretty much put one on ever computer I've bought. Since I tend to upgrade every year it helps me keep the computer looking new so when i sell it later it has its' full value. I've always been impressed with their skins but I am now pretty much blown away after peeling it of both my wife's and my macbook pros. We decided to upgrade to retina macbooks but the two I just sold have been with us for about 2.5 years. Mine goes with me every weekend to my band's gigs where I use it to process our channel inserts, so it sees a fair amount of road use. My wife is not gentle with her computer either, letting our 2 year old play on it frequently.

    Since these two machines have been with us longer than we usual keep computers I wasn't expecting much, but after peeling the skins off and doing a good clean with isopropyl I am floored. Both machines look new. Not almost new. NEW.

    The aluminum looks like it just came from the factory.

    Well, we have now ordered our retina macbooks (late 2013 1TB models - woohoo!) and I ordered skins for the new computers too. They actually have a matte version which pretty much looks like nothing is on the computer. That was my main gripe with the previous version. Even though the shiny surface looked cool I think Apple products look much sleeker with a matter finish.

    I've never been into an Apple store with my ipad, phone or macbook without them all asking me what the heck product I had on it.

    Installation can be tricky but I have gotten good at it. Basically you clean the computer with isopropyl first, apply a mixture of dish soap and water to the skin backing as you peel it, and apply it wet. Then you can position it and use a credit card wrapped in a paper towel to squeegee out the bubbles. Any tiny bubbles that get caught after that disappear over time and the skin becomes like shrink wrap.

    Anyway, I don't work for them nor am I affiliated with them at all but I have covered every Apple product I have bought with their skins and everyone marvels at them. I never liked cases, especially since it takes away from the sleekness of the slim designs so now with the retina macbook being so thin and slick the last thing you want to do is put a case on it. Keep in mind it doesn't protect from dents or anything like that, but if you are careful with your stuff when you peel the skin off in a year or three it will look like a factory fresh machine underneath.

    Also, they tend to run pretty good sales around every holiday like buy-one-get-one or 30-40% off so you can get a spare in case you screw it up or get your device replaced under Applecare.

    Hope someone else discovers these cool skins and benefits from my experience. The two people that just bought our macbooks pros are blown away by how good they look even though they are used. This is a picture of the 2.5 year old macbook pro that went everywhere with me after I pulled the skin off. Literally like new.

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    I used to love their iPhone/other phone skins before I decided to go naked. Now there's no looking back. I've never tried them on something as big as a MacBook but I imagine it would be the same experience. A year or so ago they did change their product and I was slightly less impressed with the new material and it's ease of installation when I ordered one for my iPhone 5. Haven't tried them since.
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    i really like the idea of using a skin to protect my rmbp but i found the installation very difficult. i bought one and put it on but ended up taking it off cause the corners on the bottom skin were peeling up and the top skin was slightly crooked. these things have to be put on perfect or they do not look well at all.

    i've never heard of or used the method of using dish soap and water to wet the adhesive part of the skin before applying it. has anyone else applied skins using this method with success?

    you've gotten me interested again.
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    Yeah. You put like a quarter teaspoon of dish soap per cup of water and mix it up (without making it too bubbly). I put it in a spray bottle after that (obviously more than just a cup).

    I clean the laptop (or whatever it is) with alcohol first, and then blow gently to remove any dust or particles. Then I spray my fingers with the soap/water solution and start to peel the backing. As I peel I am spraying the skin to keep it wet. Let the water drip off for a frew seconds then apply to the laptop. you can move it all around to get it aligned. Then I use a credit card with a paper towel over it (sprayed with a little solution so it glides) to push the bubble out from the center to the edge. Once you do that position is pretty set. You can still peel it off, re-wet it and reposition it if you have to within a few minutes of squeegeeing.

    Then if you really want to get crafty you can rub the edges while it starts to set and actually stretch the skin to the very edge.

    I usually let each piece sit for a few before trying another panel so it gets set in place well. Take it easy with the laptop for about 24 hours while it sets up. After 48 hours your computer is basically shrink wrapped. It looks awesome. everybody always asks what the skin is and how they can get it.

    The new matte version they have matches the Apple products perfectly. It's almost like there is no skin at all on it.

    When you sell the device or gift it later peel the skin off slowly and do a quick clean with isopropyl alcohol and your device literally looks like it just came out of the box for the first time.

    Like I said it won't help protect against dents, but it's damn near impossible to scratch with one of the skins on.

    Installation may be tricky at first but once you get it it's a breeze.
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    so there is no ill effect from just letting the water and soap dry on the macbook?

    that would be the only thing preventing me from buying another skin and trying this method.
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    Well, you squeegee the water out so there isn't really any left on it once you position and do that. You just need to let the skin set up after that.

    It's not enough water to harm the computer and you apply it to the skin, not the computer. Like I said, you let it drip off a little before laying the skin on so it isn't completely soaked. I keep plenty of paper towls on hand so as I squeegee the water to the edges i have a paper towel to soak it up instead of it pooling up around the computer.

    Done 2 phones a year, several ipads and several macbooks this way and never had an issue. If you do the shiny one it looks like a coat of clearcoat on the computer, but the new matte ones are just so slick.

    EDIT - Just did the wife's new RMBP last night with the matte version and it came out perfect. Probably the best application I've done. I definitely recommend starting with the bottom so you get a practice run before doing the top case and lid where its' most visible. Also a blast of compressed air right before you lay the skin on will help keep particles from getting trapped underneath.

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