All iPads Best Skins Ever's Matte body skin is actually the best skin I've ever seen

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by mariotr87, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. mariotr87 macrumors regular

    Aug 12, 2011
    I bought it a little over week ago and received it yesterday (which is quite good given that I'm in Europe). I installed it about 15 hours ago, took me more than one hour, but I was amazed this morning about the result so far.

    I have had one of BSE's skins for the iPad 3, and loved it, but back then they only had glossy skins. Great feel, great scratch protection, pretty much perfect cutouts, added grip, which was a nice feature too, the "problem" is that you could tell the skin was there because of the reflections.

    This matte one solves this problem. The skin just disappears. The look is almost exactly the same you would get from the naked aluminium, avoiding reflections but still being really clear. It adds grip but doesn't change the feel too much either, it's really nice to hold, maybe even better because of the added grip. It's compatible with the smart cover 100%. Can't speak for durability yet, I'm expecting the corners to peel off at some stage, but hopefully it will last several months (I guess it depends on how careful you are too).

    Its main purpose is of course give you piece of mind when it comes to scratches. It won't protect it from a drop, but it's great for those who like to keep their devices naked. This is as close to having it naked as it can get apart from not protecting it in any way at all.

    You can see below a few pics. You'll see some bubbles at the top and at the bottom; those go away in 2-3 days (I know this from experience).


    Unless you use your iPad on extreme conditions, in my opinion this, and a smart cover is the best combo. I would add a screen protector too (DO NOT PURCHASE THIS FROM BSE, this material is not good for screen protectors IMHO, you should get it from a PET screen protectors manufacturer). Then also a sleeve or something like that for trips if you do take it out.

    The reason why I'm posting this today is because there is an offer now, pay 1 get 2 (basically you get an extra skin of the same type you are buying). To get this offer you need to add 2 to the cart in their website. So if you are interested, today is the day (tomorrow might be available too, I'm not sure). I missed this offer but I'm picking up 2 extra for the future in case I mess up this one at some stage, it's great value.
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    Jun 14, 2010
    Good to hear. Best Skins Ever has been around for years and consistently has good stuff. The one on my ipad3 did start to come up near the dock connector, but that's fairly typical for the material in years of using them.

    BSE didn't have a sale going when I got my rMini and I also needed one quick, so ordered a Skinonmi TechSkin for the back from Amazon for $4 shipped. Rather have the matte, but it's fine for now.

    For a front screen protector, I recommend the Green Onions Supply brand, seems they have a little more give than others like SGP/Spigen. A very small dust particle doesn't force a bubble as with others in my experience, and the screen feel is good.

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