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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by grcar, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Sep 28, 2014
    Varney & Co gave a demonstration of the water-proof Samsung smart phone. Dropped it in a bowl of water. Demonstrated how the phone looks at your eye retina to unlock itself. Showed movies on the super high res screen made with the super high res camera. They also liked the blue color (memo to Apple: men like blue, which you do not have). Consensus: best smartphone yet. Apple: no pressure but you are falling behind not only in phones but also in desktop computers. Oh, did I mention the watch is not a big success even though half of your stores are filled with watchbands?
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    Yes I agree with you. I have stopped buying Apple laptop/imac computers because they are no longer user upgradable and because they do not make a large screen laptop anymore. I recently bought a Galaxy S7 Edge and got rid of my iPhone 6s Plus in the process. Never looked back. When/if Apple decides to make the products I want I will come back.

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