Best Software for Science Illustrations?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by astrostu, Jan 27, 2008.

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    The eclipse one could be done easily with Adobe Photoshop.

    The second link pictures would require a few astronomy pictures, and some compositing. For instance, in the first picture, take a high resolution picture of Saturn, and use its rings. Then, select part of the image, and work on it with the liquify tool. Add a mask in the center of the image, and put in a layer underneath a picture taken from... I don't know where, but it could also be Photoshoped from scratch.
    Photoshop native filters are often worthless per se, but become very useful when you combine them to get some effect. The liquify tool in particular is extremely powerful.

    The second one is a collage of two pictures: the nebula (or whatever it's called) and the star. The rest is (or could be) entirely made from scratch on Photoshop with some gradients.

    Hope it helps. Your Mac Pro is probably craving some heavy duty Photoshopping! You cannot refuse him this little pleasure!
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    It they're for print make sure you work 150dpi or higher (my personal preference is 300dpi)

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