best software for watching a streaming firewire intput, full screen ?


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Nov 21, 2009
hello all

I just got a digital tv box, but do not have a television, just a VGA computer monitor. the box comes out i HDMI, SCART and Y Rb ...

However i do have a little AV converter, so hooked up the SCART to it, and it works fine. the output is by firewire 400, to the mac

The problem i'm having is finding the proper software to watch this stream, which is television, full screen.

I've done it using modul8, which is a fine video software but it's a little silly to use such a big software for a simple task.
i've looked into quitcktime's make a movie, but i can't make it go full screen, also looked into quicktime broadcaster, but the stream is a letterbox

is there any player which lets you use a firewire video stream ?
I'd love to use it with VLC or quicktime, which are the two players i use the most. I know quicktime can definetly do it since it works in the movie maker (but the mvie size is ridiculous on the 22" screen), and modul8 just uses the quictime engine for video capture.

imovie sounds like a cumbersome choice.

is there a program designed to say use a firewire "cam" or a DV converter in my case as a full screen display ? maybe maccam could handle this, i don't know.

I attached an attachement. see this preview ? that's the tv stream, now how can I have this in full screen ?

any suggestions ?

thanks in advance for your help




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Nov 21, 2009
Open Capture Device?
VLC's great and I would love to use it but how to get the incoming firewire stream ?

I can get this in quicktime through the make movie, but not sure how to select the firewire input from streaming in VLC, since there's no real movie making functions

I've looked at the options a bit and couldn't see how to do it

found this saying that it's possible in linux (and windows) only.

now i do have ubuntu, but i'm running mac os most of the time,

Open Capture Device I don't know. Could you please develop ?

I found a page explaining

but this didn't work (no output)

i'm still using modul8 for it but it's taking up a lot of ressources




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Sep 8, 2008
Sorry, I'm on a win7 machine at the moment, maybe vlc on osx doesn't have a simple option.

With vlc on windows, I can click 'media>open capture device' and pick my firewire interfaces on the drop down list - I guess you would have tried that if it were available.
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