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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Boe11, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Hey folks,

    I recently accepted a job in which I'm tasked with restoring my company's video production department. I've been making videos on an as-needed basis here for a couple of years (while working as a publications editor) just using my own camera and macbook. Well, they've approved the position but we're starting slow with our equipment budget. They've purchased - from me - a GH3 and 2012 rMBP base model to complete our video projects.

    The problem is, I'm currently using both of my thunderbolt ports for a hard drive (FW converter) and lan (they're not big on wifi here).

    I'd like to incorporate the 2 23" cinema displays that were in the department bone yard, LAN, and a thunderbolt hard drive (maybe a G-raid). Budget it somewhat limited right now but we do have some discretionary funds. For the most part, we're trying to make due with what we've got.

    What are my options for powering all of these units from my rMBP? Are any of those aftermarket TB docks worth looking at?

    I appreciate any advice you might have.

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    Don't you just need a USB3 gigabit ethernet adapter and a HDMI-DVI cable? This should then free up one of the thunderbolt ports for 1 display and the HDMI port can be used for the other.
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    Start plugging the stuff you really need first. Then if you run out of ports the stuff you need least is left disconnected.

    so #1. Get TB cable to 27" monitor. That is #1 priority.

    Then plug in what ever disk you need and a network. If some disk don't work fine.

    If you have any money buy a NAS for file storage.

    You can use cheap USB drives for backup.

    But the idea is to unplug everything and then plug in the most important, can't work without thing. Then keep going. Storage is best on a LAN except for the files you are directly working with and they go on the internal SSD.

    Sounds to me like yu are going to run into serious problems with this company. They want video with good enough production value so they do not look like a garage operation but they have a garage operation budget. They want a "Video Production Department" but can't dump even $12K into it? Kind of unrealistic expectations.
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    Thanks for your comments and suggestions, folks.

    Yeah, the circumstances aren't ideal. That's for sure. Hopefully we can get some reasonable equipment in next year's budget. Until then, we'll have to make due and hope for the best.
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    good,Storage is best on a LAN except for the files you are directly working with and they go on the internal SSD.thanks[​IMG]

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