best solution for shared photo album?

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    I’ve haven’t dipped much into the Photo ecosystem of iOS (mainly because my original iPad never had a camera, I don’t have an iPhone, and on the laptop my workflow doesn’t rely on iPhoto). As such, I’m not sure what the best solutions are for the following:

    Some elderly family members will soon be getting an iPad. I’d like them to be able to, with minimal clicks, open an app, open an album, and then see all the new/current photos that have been added to a shared album. Photos would be added to the album mainly by a few other people elsewhere (via email or the web). Specifically, those people likely would be sending photos from either an iPad or an iPhone.

    Are there any best ways to do this? I don’t want it to involve Facebook. It sounds like the Web Albums HD for Picasa app may be what I want to make use of on their side, but that 1) would require that contributors know the secret email to contribute via email (not a biggie) and 2) would drop photos into the Drop Box album (since likely an album name wouldn't be specified in the Subject line). Are there downsides to that app?
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    Use something like Smugmug. There's no point in trying to find a non-browser solution for shared photos because they're all terrible.

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