Best speakers under $200?


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Jan 17, 2012
Will be receiving my new iMac tomorrow and want to upgrade from my Phillips external speakers I use with my MacBook to something better but not very expensive. Been searching the forum for ideas, but wanted direct input as well. Any suggestions for the best bang for the buck speakers under $200? Thanks!


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Jan 23, 2005
Bought the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers a few weeks back from Best Buy and was blown away by the sound they can put out. Very impressed.
+1 I had a set of these hooked up to my PC and they have a really nice sound. Also a nice earphone port on the front that is handy.

They have been around a long time, so you can sometimes find a good price on a used or refurb pair.


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Oct 17, 2011
I also have the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 and happy with them for 2 years. Paid only $100 but suspect they might have been refurbs (store suddenly had a large batch for sale at low price). They sounded a little harsh for the first few weeks but then mellowed out. I also use them as my TV sound system and just swap a cable to switch them to computers that are in the same room.

It is possible to overdrive the subwoofer on heavy bass such as from electronic music but the sound of this is obvious so you can just reduce the input level. With some other systems you need to adjust the bass level frequently but with these Klipsch you can just keep the same settings and never have a problem with runaway bass.

Bose has a similar 2.1 system and my impression from store visits is they might have cleaner sound but less volume and bass punch.

Negatives: the power switch is on the back of the subwoofer, and the cabling and connectors seem like they need some redesign.
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