Best thin/light case and screen protector?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by xTRIGGER092x, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Jul 21, 2011
    So, after seeing all the micro scratches on my iPhone 4, I'm wanting to get some protection for my iPhone 4S. I had an Otterbox Defender for my 4, but I hardly used it because it was so annoyingly bulky, the screen protector often got dirt under it, and the dust/hair attraction was disgusting. So, preferably, I want a new silicon case that is thin, feels good to hold, and doesn't attract so much hair/dust (if that's even possible with silicon). I also want a screen protector that isn't ridiculously hard to put on (it took me 3 hours to apply one without air bubbles back in the day when I had a 3G, and after leaving it on a few months, I had to use Goo Gone to get rid of the residue it left on both sides of the gap between the screen and bezel) and doesn't dilute the retina display. If I can get all this for cheap (like <$30 total), that'd be great.
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    Alright I can definitely help you out on this.

    In terms of cases, there are a lot of them for less than $30 out there that do the job. Depending on how much you use your iPhone per day though, I'd recommend a case with a battery built in. Now you might think that it's going to end up being as bulky as an Otterbox, but boost case is surprisingly thin considering the fact that it's able to charge any iPhone 100% plus still have a charge left. It costs $45, but it might be worth the investment if you're a mid/heavy user.

    Boost External Battery Case for $45

    If you're not interested in a case with an external battery, you can opt to get a simple sleek design from Case Crown for $11

    Case Crown Case for $11

    Now whichever case you buy, you can also get an extremely cheap screen protector set for $0.81 on Amazon. It's always good to have more than one because they can easily be ruined when trying to apply them.

    Screen Protectors (3) for $0.81

    Hope this helps!

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