Best Time Capsule Set Up?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Marilynfan, Oct 5, 2008.

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    I was hoping someone could recommend the best use and set-up of my new 1 TB Time Capsule. I initially chose the bigger model because I intended to use it for backup and sharing files.

    Here is what I want to do. I already have a wireless network from my ISP's modem so I will just be adding the time capsule to it. I have a macbook pro, pc laptop and a PC desktop (with 2 drives) in the house and would like all of them to backup to the time capsule. In addition I would like to be able to share files between my desktop PC and macbook pro. The files would mostly be photos/videos and html files. This way I can edit my website from any computer. I have a big collection of videos that is currently split between my desktop and an external hard drive.

    At this point I have the TC hooked up with my MBP and it seems to be working (also have a printer hooked up that way and working). I haven't been able to hook up my desktop PC yet because I need to go out and buy another cable to attach it to the TC. I used the ethernet that was between the desktop and modem to attach the TC to the modem.

    Am I asking for problems by using a folder on the TC to store the shared files? I guess this means they can't be backed up but on the other hand they would already be on the TC so that is kind of backed up, right? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I'd also like to know what software people use to manage backups on a PC to the time capsule.

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    I have somewhat the same setup. I have the 1TB TC, a MacBook Air, a Windows desktop and laptop. I initially set it up for the Air, wanted this mainly for my move to Apple. I use it to hold my iTunes music and videos and share those files with the PCs. Not really a problem other than video playback seems problematic. For some reason I just can't get it to buffer enough ahead to keep the video from hanging during playback.

    But other than that they share just fine. For backing up the PC images I use Ghost. Has worked for me for years, and the latest version doesn't seem to have any problems with the TC. I only backup my core drives for the desktop and laptops.

    My critical data exist on a raid 5 within the desktop PC. Once I replace that desktop with an iMac, I'll simply get and external, net based, raid 5 device. The 1TB drive is great for sharing and holding backups but I really can't consider it my one and only location for critical data. Even backing up to CD/DVD isn't good enough for me (ok, so I am protective of my data!).

    I will say that other than the problem with iTunes performance I'm very happy with the TC. It seems to handle all my devices quite well. I have 4 devices connected wirelessly (Wii, 2 laptops, Tivo) as well as 2 wired devices (desktop PC and Slingbox). Added to that is my printer connected to the USB port. To be honest I'm surprised I don't have more problems with performance.
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    caution: new mac user

    How do I get my pc to see the printer that is hooked up to my time capsule? I tried getting bonjour for windows, but that didn't find anything at all. I'm sorry if this question is annoying, but I am new to the mac world, and my macbook and time machine aren't getting the use they could yet, because it's all so different, and not yet easy.
    Thank you.

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