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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by FroColin, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I have Logic studio and have up to this point just used the EXS24 and sound stuff. And any synths I use are presets. But I want to be able to make my own sound with the plug ins provided. And I'm not sure the best place to learn these things. Fiddling with the knobs and switches hasn't helped much. So I'm wondering if there is a good website with tutorials or if I should be reading the Logic manual? I really have no experience or understanding of synths. Also people are probably going to say that I shouldn't have bought Logic studio if I didn't understand synths, but it came with the computer I was buying and I had wanted to get Logic express anyway.

    Thanks in advance
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    I'd say start with a simple analog synth. They were the first made so in a sense are the basis for everything else.

    I personally started with some kind of minimoog look a like. I just played with it until I understood it, I never really read anything until later on. I'd say that's probably one of the greatest synth to start on, not only is it simple and iconic, the layout is logical. The buttons go from left to right just like the signal path would in the hardware. You chose the waveform and tuning, then you mix those wave form and then you have the filter and then the volume envelope. That way it's intuitive. I feel like a lot of the synths in logic don't offer that, they're just a bunch of knobs stuck together in an incoherent flashy way.
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    Everybody has been in your position. When I started out there were no good video tutorials around. The Logic manual was cryptic at best. It's a lot better now, but still not enjoyable to read. I use Best Logic tutorials I know on the net.




    The synthesis stuff in ES2 can be applied to any synth in Logic. also they have two generic Synthesis tutorials -

    I used to buy individual tutorials and now because they have a lot of new content added every few weeks I go with the monthly subscription which gives me online access to all theyre tutorial videos.

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    Thanks guys! Good to know that other people have learnt this stuff on their own. I'll check all this stuff out

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