Best USB Memory Stick?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by benji21, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I start university in September and looking for a portable USB flash drive.. I don't need anything too big in size, so I'm looking at some of the smallest they have in sizes, like an 8GB. My only question is, will this USB drive work correctly on both Mac and PC's? without having to format them etc? as I have an external HD and a PC doesn't recognise it.

    Also, USB 3.0 is out now, but that won't work correctly in all computers yet, right? so I assume the computers at the university, being outdates, they don't work?

    I've seen this one below, anyone used this brand before?

    Kingston 8GB DataTraveler

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    You should format the drive as FAT32 and it will be recognized in both operating systems.
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    It should work on both Windows and Mac without needing to be formatted, but if not the it is easy to do yourself. Just connect the drive to your Mac, open Disk Utility, highlight the drive and go to the Erase tab and then format it as an MS-DOS (FAT) drive. Here is a video walk-through.

    As for USB 3.0, it is backwards compatible, so it would still work with 2.0 but you obviously wouldn't get the 3.0 speeds.
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    I haven't but Kingston is generally regarded as a reputable brand.
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