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Nov 18, 2007
I just bought the new 27 imac and it's just too high for my desk. I think I will return it for the VESA mount versions. Does anyone know of a cool/sleek VESA stand that goes with the style of the iMac? I can't drill into my wall so a wall mount will not work. Thanks!


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Jun 23, 2010
I got the humanscale m8 about 2 years ago and very satisfied . We got a pretty nice discount where I work so also grabbed the keyboard tray . With my 2011 imac ( ~30lbs) I had to set it pretty tight else it would move on its own very slowly due to weight but with the 2017 its a non issue (its 10lbs less).

Its very expensive but its quality made


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Jun 16, 2009


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Sep 22, 2016
London, UK
I’m just waiting for a delivery of my iMac 27” (2017) 4.2GHz i7 VESA and would like to hang it on a wall. I’d like to prepare everything before it arrives so I’m wondering is the VESA mount spot on in the middle of the computer meaning, when measured, is the distance from top of computer to the middle of the VESA mount same as the distance from the bottom to the middle of the mount (?!) thank you
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