Best Video Format for Mac?


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Sep 5, 2002
Spokane, Wa.
I was just wondering what format everyone uses to watch movies on your macs. Everyone in my dorm is totally stoked on the Divx and Xvid formats but I couldnt seem to get them to run on my girlfriends ibook. Also I was wondering what formats offer the best compression/playback quality? I plan on buying the next revision of PowerBook and using it to rip DVDs and such so I was just wondering what software I will need. Thanx for all the help.


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Jun 14, 2002
DiVx is the best for .avi viewing, but quicktime still rains supreme with the .mov and .mpeg file types. For .asf file types go for windows media player. for .ram and .rm files, go for real's realone player.