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Best VPN


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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
How easy is the set up of Witopia?

It is really quite simple. One thing though... if you have multiple login accounts on your computer, then you need to install WiTopia on each account. Otherwise, the local plists do not have the requisite data. A bit of a pain.

I have about 9 months remaining on my WiTopia subscription (~$70/yr). On the advice of a person I trust a lot, I started a subscription to cloak and I like it better. It doesn't have as many controls as WiTopia, but it does a few things better (such as restrict access completely to the internet whenever the connection to VPN fails). One thing that is very different with cloak is you pay via bandwidth vs all-you-can-eat model that WiTopia uses. I signed up for the cheapest plan at just $2/month, and so far it has been completely sufficient. If at any time you run out of bandwidth, you can move to the next tier for just the month in question. Cloak also lets yyou use it on as many machines as you want simultaneously, since you are buying VPN bandwidth. By contrast, WiTopia restricts how many machines you can protect simultaneously.

One thing to make sure is that you get the right "cloak" program. You want "". There is a different program out there that has been poorly reviewed... and I *THINK* (but I'm not sure) that it is at

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