Best Wallet/Card Case?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by smileycon, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Dascoyne, Aug 10, 2014
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    The Nodus case is what I'm using now and I love it. A couple of things that distinguish it is that it doesn't use adhesive. It uses this weird micro-suction material that is as sticky as any adhesive. I can't even see the pits on the surface but I have "reused" it many times without loss of strength. (Cleaning the surface with tape seems to work well)

    Also the leather is really nice quality.
    There are nice details like inner felt lining and the build quality is superb.

    It's marketed as a luxury item, though, and it's priced accordingly.

    I got it as a Kickstarter so I got a bargain. I'm not sure I would pay full retail. £59. You can get 20% off with discount code. PM me for it if you're interested because I don't remember it.


    Here's the microsuction surface.
    It actually looks like tape - even up close. The only difference is that I've been able to apply it multiple times without losing stickiness.... Plus there's no residue.


    I even tried it with a Spigen case. As long as the back is slick the stuff will stick.

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    This is the one I like best: Distil Union's Wally Case


    Very thoughtful design and it is the thinnest of all iPhone wallet cases (as far as I know). The color offerings are nice and the price is reasonable.
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    BookBook is my all time favorite wallet case. This case from TwelveSouth looks like a miniature book. It makes sure your phone is secured as well as things you keep in the wallet case are safe.

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    I like it! Thanks

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