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    I am having a big issue lately where my free space is disappearing before my eyes. I free up 9 gb and within an hour or two its down to 2gb. I have been reading online and trying to free up space on my mac and have read that moving to Aperture is the best way to shrink my iPhoto library.

    I have copied iPhoto library to an external and deleted it from my mac, freeing up 45 gb of space.

    What is the best method to now get my photos from my external iPhoto backup into Aperture? I have been reading that different ways will either copy or not copy links between masters and previews and basically...1 way will make a large library, 1 way will make a smaller one.

    Any ideas?
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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, while moving to Aperture will indeed shrink the iPhoto library, your Aperture Library will grow.

    Because iPhoto and Aperture share the same library structure I think its less about using Aperture vs iPhoto and more about volume of images

    How many photos do you have. If you have 45GB of an iPhoto backup, I'm not sure Aperture's size will be that much smaller. Its probably because you have a large volume of pictures.

    I organize my Aperture library as followings. I only keep a single year on my laptop. That is I have a 2013 Aperture Library there right now, and the 2012 images are sitting on my DAS. This is probably the biggest reason why I chose Aperture over Lightroom, I have my images in a self contained library file easily moved to a different disk. This sort of arrangement may help you as well.

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