Best Way to Archive Emails in Entourage

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    My department started putting out size limit warnings for our outlook accounts. They recommend archiving. I did this and everything went in the little shoebox but I need to access my old emails relatively quickly since I use a lot my correspondence as documentation.

    Any advice.

    Before the bitching starts, I know Office for Mac Sux
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    It sounds like you're using an Exchange server, right?

    In that case, one option for you is to simply move older stuff out of your Exchange file structure and put it in your local Entourage folders. That way, everything is still immediately accessible in Entourage, but isn't taking up valuable Exchange space. Here's a script from the Entourage MVPs for automatically moving messages that are 60+ days old to your local folders: Auto-archive Exchange account to "On My Computer".

    The Entourage MVPs have also written a bunch of blog posts about backing up Entourage in various ways, so check out that series of posts. They cover pretty much any way that you could ever want to backup Entourage.

    Personally, I do a few things with my Exchange account to keep it under my mailbox quota:
    * Occasionally (maybe once a month?), I control-click on my main Exchange account in the folder list, select "Folder Properties", then the "Storage" tab. It'll take a minute for it to gather all of your folder sizes off of your Exchange server. Then I sort it by the "size" column to see what's biggest, and decide if there's anything in there that maybe I can weed out.
    * Less frequently (honestly, I do this when I'm stuck in an airport and don't have the mental wherewithal to play Sudoku :) ), I go through my sent mail and delete stuff in there that I don't need any longer. My first pass of deleting my sent mail is to delete accepted meeting invitations. My next pass is to sort my sent mail by the person to whom I sent it, since there are people that I send mail to that I know I don't need to keep forever (say, the emails to my boyfriend about what to have for dinner tonight). Every once in awhile, I really go through it in detail, and start at the oldest stuff and decide for every single email whether it needs to be filed somewhere else in my folder structure, or if I can just delete it.
    * Even less frequently (about every six months or so), I go through my Exchange folders and decide which of these folders can be moved into my local folders. I do access my Exchange account from Outlook Web Access pretty frequently, so there are things that I really do want on the server, but if I don't need to access it that often, then it goes into my local folders.
    * And finally, although this isn't about my Exchange account, about once a year or so, I'll go through my local folders and see which ones I haven't accessed in awhile and figure out what needs to happen to them. Sometimes I'll delete the whole folder, sometimes I'll archive it elsewhere (using one of the backup methods outlined above).

    Hope this helps. :)


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