Best way to clean a Late 2012 iMac Display?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by fotomatt1, Sep 14, 2013.

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    What's the best way to clean a Late 2012 iMac Display. I have a bottle of iKlear that is great on iPhones and my old black MacBook display, but it appears to smudge the iMac display a tremendous amount. At my office, some people use windex on the glass display cover over the last generation iMacs, but I'm really hesitant to use a cleaner like that. Any suggestions?
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    I'd stay away from chemical / ammonia cleaners on the 2012 model since it lacks the separate glass cover of the earlier models. There was a recent long thread with plenty of opinions on how best to clean the 2012's screen and the plurality consensus was warm water used to slightly dampen a microfiber cloth works best.

    I find this combination works well on my 2011 model. I find cleaning in a circular motion as opposed to swiping and eliminates the smears / streaks.
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    Microfiber cloth . . . . . you may find these commonly stocked at camera supply stores.

    For the numbskull finger prints and smudges . . . . . .

    Clean, soft, cotton terry cloth towel with distilled water.

    Moisten terry towel and wipe, then quickly buff with soft, clean, dry portion of towel.

    Treat the screen as though it is fragile glass. Because, IT IS!

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