Best way to clean MacBook Pro 2016 keyboard?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by XTheLancerX, Feb 26, 2017.

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    It isn't horrible but I do notice sometimes there's a little grime/oils on the keys that kind bothers me. I can't really feel it, I can just see it when I am in a super bright environment.

    I don't really want to introduce moisture to clean the keys and they all obviously move so that makes it tough to wipe them down. What do you guys do to occasionally freshen up your MacBook?

    Also what about speaker grills? I can foresee things getting stuck in those tiny little holes, what would you do there?
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    I just use a dry microfibre cloth - works really well for me
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    I do pretty much the same as Phil A., with just a drop of water on a corner of the cloth, if need be
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    Costco sells a very light screen cleaner fluid that is safe for use on the keys\screen\chasis of a Macbook Pro. It's light enough to not have concern for damage, but there's enough to it that it'll just cut through the fingerprint grease on the keys. Been using it for years on all of my Apple products. Never spray directly onto a product through. Spray the cloth then use the cloth on the screen and keys and chassis. If you spray the keyboard or screen you're just asking for issues.

    Costco sells it for 2 big bottles, a small travel bottle, and two terry cloths in a set. Great deal.

    The big mistake people make with cleaning using those terry cloths that come in a set is not washing them frequently. Put the cloth in the wash after each use. Whenever you use it, the dust, grease and chemical\bacterial transfer from the device to the cloth. So to put it back in the drawer and use the cloth again without washing it is basically just saving the dirt and grime, letting it dry out, and then re-using it next time and damaging the computer.
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