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Oct 17, 2016
Just splurged on a MBP M2 Max and this thing a mf beast. Absolutely loving it.
Only thing that is sort of bothering me is the keyboard. It could absolutely just be that I have oily hands cause I lotion up frequently, but I can visibly see the oils (or I guess fingerprints?) on my keyboard. What's the best way to clean off the keyboard? Apple's site shows you how to clean it with canned air, but that doesn't necessarily pertain to my issue.

Cheers folks!


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Apr 4, 2023
Like @pshufd I use just a microfiber cloth (no cleaning solution), but I clean it at the login screen (just hit ESC before cleaning the enter key, otherwise it’ll try to verify your “password”)


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Jul 8, 2021
I was given a grungy mid 2010 MBP unibody. What I have on the body is grunge. Don't think that will vacuum off. Will try the alcohol. How about 190 proof Everclear. Bought 1.76 liter during the pandemic. Comes in handy for a lot of things. That Dyson attachment looks handy for maintenance.
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