Best way to digitialize movies and installation DVD

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    Hello, I got tones of movies and installation DVD. I am cleaning my room and try to throw a bunch of stuffs away. What is the best program to digitialize such movie and installation discs? Can the Mac version of such program digitialize both Mac and Windows related software installation discs? If I do such thing for Windows 7 and Vista installation, can I make a physical installation dics that will work later?
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    I have SO many questions, but I'll start with this one:

    What exactly do you mean by "digitalize" an installation disc?
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    For the installer DVDs, you can just use Disk Utility to save the disk as a DMG file. You can search around for various web sites that walk you through it. I ran across this one that seems pretty clear.

    For movies, if it is a commercial DVD, you will need to crack the encryption and rip the DVD to disk. Here is a thread with some apps that will do this for you.
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    Be aware that the movie DVDs take time to decode and store to disk. Plus some movie DVDs simply cannot be decoded, either due to change in the encryption or the physical disk itself. I find that decoding takes about half the time it would take to simply play the disk in a dvd player.

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