Best way to downgrade from iOS 10 Beta to standard iOS 10 without losing backup?


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Sep 23, 2009
Best way to downgrade from iOS 10 Beta to standard iOS 10 without losing backup?

Any help would be appreciated!



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Apr 30, 2012
Download the IPSW file to your computer and do the "shift click" update method in iTunes. It will update (not restore) to the lower iOS. Only thing you may lose are message conversations.

How to downgrade back using the update method

Step 1: Back up your iOS device.

Step 2: Download the latest IPSW file to your computer.

Step 3: Connect your iOS device to your computer via USB.

Step 4: Launch iTunes and open the Summary page for your iOS device.

Step 5: Hold the Option ( ⌥ ) key and click the Check for Update button. (Windows users will need to hold Shift instead of Option).

Step 6: Select the IPSW file downloaded in step 2 and click Open.

Your iOS device will now be downgraded. This method lets you downgrade while keeping most app data, Home screen layout settings, etc.

I just did this yesterday to "update" to 10.0.3 from 10.1 beta 4. But I'm going back to the beta.


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Feb 14, 2015
Note that this could lead to some instabilities. If Apple change the way they store something in a new version, going back to an older iOS version will make these data unreadable and this can cause crashes or unexpected behavior


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Nov 20, 2008
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OP: Do what was suggested above with Option+Update. Then create an encrypted iTunes backup. Restore the phone and restore the backup. This will help weed out any corruption from downgrading and you won't lose any data.