Best way to exchange a 6 for a 6+ ?


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May 13, 2013
I am considering swapping the iphone 6 I have for a 6+. As we all know the 6+ is hard to get hold of, and I have about 8 days left to do the exchange.

My local Apple store has been out of 6+ since Sunday, and I don't think they have gotten even a shipment of 6's this week. I figure they must be getting some 6+ for this weekend though.

So can you help me with my options for doing a swap in the next 8 days? Here are the options I can think of.

1) Go to the Apple store first thing in the morning once a shipment arrives and hope they don't sell out by the time I get waited on.

2) Go online at 5am when they are in stock at the local store, and buy a second phone and add it to my contract. Then when I pick up the phone, asked for the swap, and cancel the 2nd line?



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Nov 12, 2012
I doubt I would be able to acquire a Plus within my allotted return period. I am not waiting on a line or going online in the wee hours.

I think most wanting a Plus instead are going to have no choice but to return the 6 and wait it out.
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