Best way to "format" and "refresh" SSD

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Lucagfc, Aug 16, 2012.

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    I've a Samsung 830 in my 2011 MBP 17". I want to perfrom a new clean install of ML but first of all I wan' t to format my SSD to the original state. Wich is the best way to do that? simple quick format? or a secure erase? Thanks!
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    It depends on what the "original" state of the SSD was.

    It may have been formatted originally for a PC, so if you want it to work on your Mac you may NOT want it in its original state.

    And you could secure erase it, but why? Are you giving it to someone? It takes a lot of time and is pointless if all you want to do is erase all your stuff and put it all back on again.
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    No I simply want to "sign" all the SSD cells as "free". To optimize his performance.
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    Why? Maybe if you were selling the SSD I could understand, but to just re-install ML surely a repartition would suffice?
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    I think there may some misunderstanding. It sounds like you want to TRIM all unused blocks on the drive to speed up write performance?

    To do that install the TRIM hack and reboot. Check in the System Report afterward and make sure it says TRIM Support Yes for your drive.

    Then reboot into Single User Mode. At the resulting command prompt type in "fsck -fy" (without the quotes). After the command runs you will see a message that says all unused blocks have been TRIM'd (or it may say free... I don't remember). Now type reboot.

    You can remove the TRIM hack if you want.

    Your drive is now fully TRIM'd and will have like new write speeds.

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