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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by Keebler, Mar 10, 2014.

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    Hi folks,

    I'm finally going to redesign my website.
    It was done by me using a template in RapidWeaver a long time ago.

    Technology has changed and I'm looking at using

    Current site is hosted by hostpapa.

    In reading the instructions, I can install WP to my hostpapa site.
    But I question it for 2 reasons:

    1. I've read I can created a folder to store the newly created WP, but I may still screw that up and don't want to overwrite my current site.

    2. I'd prefer to create it on my Mac in WP then upload it when it's done. Apparently, I can create a local server to test it?

    I found a premium theme which looks very customizable which I'll install afterwards.

    So, my questions to you:

    Am I nuts to try and create it on my Mac then upload via FTP when done?

    Or should I just install on the hostpapa server and go from there?

    Is there a 'best practice' or 'common procedure' to install WP?

    I don't travel much so I wouldn't be updating the site except for an occasional blog which I understand can be done with an app.

    Thanks in advance. I'd love to hire a web developer to do it for me, but I simply don't have the funds at this point in time. Plus, I don't mind trying something new - just a bit confused on how to start! lol

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    Use MAMP to test locally.

    Don't forget to install the WP Super Cache plugin. I don't know if you plan to use multiple authors, comments and other "variable" stuff like that, but when the site is pretty static and simple, Wordpress is kind of a bloated environment. WP Super Cache renders all pages as static HTML making the demand on the server a tiny fraction.

    Big problem with WP is the lack of a backup and restore option that is complete. It depends on the previous hosting location to retreive images, and plugins/themese are not ported either.

    Best bet is either copy all folders with FTP, make an MySQL dump and import that on your hosting service, or work "live" from scratch.
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    Jun 20, 2005

    Will definitely install that plugin.

    I'll be the only author. I'm thinking of working on the site from my Mac Pro then uploading via FTP. That way, I can back everything up from my end.
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    Since wordpress works hand in hand with a database that is on your host's server you can not just move the folder over after you have set-up your site. Their are plug-ins written just for this however. I use "back-up buddy" from which is a commercial product. I'm sure their are freeware options if you look though. It seems very reasonable that you would develop your site locally and then move it when you are ready. Hint, you can do a quick and dirty back-up of your old site when you move the new one just by changing the name of the folder that it is in. If things don't work out just change the name back to start serving your old site.

    Good luck :)
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    Those all links would be very helpful for all of us.

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