Best Way to Manage Multiple ITunes Accounts

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by robjulo, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Need advice on managing multiple iTunes accounts now that Apple music is here. My family has a shared iTunes account with all of our songs and apps. I would like to do the family plan with the Apple music. We also have individual Apple IDs.

    If I change my iTunes login to my individual Apple ID account (so that we can each use Apple music at the same time using the family plan) and do family sharing in iTunes will I still have access to my full family iTunes library? If I buy songs on my individual account, will the rest of the family have access to them?
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    First, you need to identify the Apple ID used in the past to purchase all your Apple content. This Apple ID should be used as the "organizer's" Apple ID when you set up family sharing. Note, this does not need to be your personal Apple ID...rather, it just needs to be the Apple ID you've been using in the past to purchase all your Apple Content.

    Next, go to iCloud and turn on family sharing. You'll be prompted to add members to the family sharing group. (Note: Because you're using the Master Apple ID you will not need to enter your personal Apple ID. Just add your family member's Apple IDs and they will receive an email to join the family group.

    All content purchased up to this point will be available to everyone in the group. All content purchased after that will be available to the group, but in order to download the newly purchased content, you'll have to browse the other person's content and download it to your device (example: In then App Store app, you'll need to tap on Update, then Purchases, then the family member's name that purchased the particular app you want (their name will automatically show up when they join family sharing), then download it to your device. This is the same process for music, movies, books, etc.

    Hope this helps.
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