Best way to move library from mac to mac?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cudadown, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Hey guys/girls. I did a search and could not find right info so..

    I have a Macbook and an iMac (both 08 models). About 2 months ago my iMac started messing up on me so I did a reinstall of OS X. The easy (boot from CD) recovery method failed as did all other fix attempts. It was a HD boot sector error. So I had to do a reformat and install fresh. Everything is good now except, my MB has all my photos and itunes music (2k+). I tried last night doing a firewire link and transfering files but the library will not transfer. What can I do to duplicate my (legimate) library from the MB to the iMac? I have been able to transfer the software I needed from the MB using Wireless method but not music and pics.

    I've seen the ad for program called Tune Ranger. Would that allow me to transfer using firewire or is there something better?
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    TuneRanger is for syncing your library between Macs (and keeping it in sync). It does a reasonable - if frequently unreliable - job of copying entire libraries across. Subsets, not so much but it's not an issue in this case.

    Although really, you should just be able to copy the /Music/iTunes folder over to the new machine. If you can't, there's a bigger problem.
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    I wonder, can I use an old WD firewire HD to transfer the library? Maybe I can set it up for time machine on the MB and back up the lib the restore in time machine on the imac? would time machine not work since the 2 macs have different names?

    Also, wouldnt this take a few days to send the lib using a wireless connection?
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