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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by djsound, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Hey gang. I bought Aperature awhile ago and never really got time use it much. So last night I was playing around with it trying to figure out the best way to organize my photos and I couldnt come up with anything. I have all my images that I use for work (graphic design) in my 'main - pictures' i made my Aperature 'folder' in that same that when I sync my iphone i dont get two seperate folders with the same images in them.... basically I just want ALL my images in 1 place..not duplicated. And I want to be able to easily sync them to my iphone.....when you import smoething into Aperature does it even make an image? I just see a library or something.....also say an image is 300 dpi that i took with my camera ...when I import it to Aperature does that quality remain?? I know this is a bit confusing but im sure there are a few of you that know what im talking would you guys recommend organizing my images? thanks!!;)
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    The way to use Aperture is not to even think about folders and "organizing". what you do is import the files andthen review the images and rate them by stars, make "stacks" and enter keywords and comments for the images.

    Then later you make make some "smart folders" that will catch ay "three star and better photos of Mary" and another for aall photos of San Fransico and then maybe you place the Mary smart foldr inthe people folder and the SF smart folderin the places folder. Notice that the shot you took of Mry in SF in now in two places. Most of may photos end of in three or six places but Aperure keeps only one physical copy. later as you continue to add photos they get sorted into all those smart folders automatically. You shoud NEVER hav to move an image all you do is adjust the criteria for the folders and the photos move themselves. No chance of dragging a file into the wrong place and loosing it forever. With this system each photo caries with it "tags". One the photos are tagged you need not care where they are "in the library" is good enough

    Some people don't undertand the idea of"tags" and metadata and search criteria and don't trust what they don't understand. Those people shouln't use Aperture. Lightroom or Adobe Bridge is better for them.

    The trouble wth trying to get of a system of folders in the finder is where to place that Photo of Mary you took in San Fransico int 1997. Does it go inside "1997" or in a folder called "SF" or one called "Mary" or maybe maybe you have a Mary fooldr with subfolders inside for each year. You'll go nuts sorting it out because there is no good way to do it. The best thing isto just tag the photo with "SF, mary and 1997" and toss it into that big library "bucket" and know that yu can always pull it out again based on the tags.

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