Best way to play/convert .MTS in Aperture Library

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    Hi there,

    I've got a load of .MTS files from my SLR from a day shooting, and want them in my Aperture library along with the photos they were taken with. The problem is that Aperture doesn't support .MTS (AVCHD I think) files.

    I'm happy to convert the files if necessary, but I'm not sure what format I should be converting them as - when I convert for iPad etc you set a resolution and quality and target file size etc, but in this case I want to keep everything as it is in the source - I want the same detail and quality (or as close as possible), without, just in a format compatible with Aperture (.mp4 only I think?).

    What programs do people suggest I use? I've been using Handbrake for years, but can't see how to do a standard conversion without changing any quality settings from the source, and it can't handle batches.

    Any ideas?


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    This will do exactly what you want. It does not change the video data at all. There is no trans-coding. It takes the video data out of the camera's video file and rewraps it with a .mp4 container file. It runs as fast as a copy in the finder.

    It will trans-code to any of several uncompressed formats if you want but most people get ClipWrap just to re-wrap the video into a different container file. There is no generational loss because the video data is not changed

    Clipwrap has kind of fallen out of favor now with people using FCPX because the newest FCP can now directly read AVHCD files. But for Aperture, you still need to re-wrap.
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    Awesome thanks - I'll give it a go and report back.
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