best way to prolong MBA battery life

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacPC, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hi, I have done a lot of research on this subject. But I don't seem to find a definitive answer about the best way to keep keep the better healthy.
    My habit is whenever I see the battery goes below certain percentage, sometimes 80%, and sometimes 45% I just plugin the power, And sometimes I leave the power plugged in for a long time even tho the battery is fully charged, should I be doing this? Will this harm the battery in long run? What is the best way to prevent harms to the battery?

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    Crud, where is Zboater when you need him? :(

    When (not if) he does appear to answer, he will post a link to macbook battery questions and answers. Do a search on the subject and you will find the link.
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    Because you are reading lots of wive's tales, and outdated information, and people from devil-may-care to compulsive obsessives who insist if you don't keep your car clean, the dirt will increase air resistance hence lower mileage (0.0002%).

    Zboater will eventually come back to give your the official low down, meanwhile don't spend more time on it.
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    I usually use mine until it hits around 10%, then I charge it again. Around once every 1-2 months, I let it drain completely, then charge it. Just use it as you desire, the batteries are good for a loooong time, and aren't that expensive to replace. 1000 cycles will take years to go through.
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