Best way to sell a 5S that's only 1 year though a Sprint contract?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by linkmaster02, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I've read a few articles about selling your 1-year old iPhone to help cover the expense of getting a newly-release iPhone without the new contract price, but I'm still unclear about my situation.

    I got a 5S at release with a new 2-year Sprint contract. What's the best way to sell it? I'm thinking I should upgrade to the 6 at release, and then sell my 5S after. That way I won't be without a phone in the meantime.

    And what about the whole no sim card, unlock, etc stuff that is always discussed? Do I need to have Sprint do something to my 5S after I buy the 6, or is it automatically no longer linked to my account and fully usable by another Sprint user?

    If anyone knows what a last gen iPhone (Sprint) in great condition would sell for, let me know.
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    Are you getting your 6 through Sprint? If so they will take care of activation and deactivation. You will need to pay full price for your new phone with Sprint as you have another year on your contract.

    If you are going somewhere else you will have to pay the ETF for your leaving SPrint without finishing your contract. They will kill you Sprint 5S if you do not.
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    Hmmm…I can only try and answer a couple of your questions.

    First, if you're still in contract and you want to sell the phone you'll need to pay the ETF on the phone. If you are eligible for an upgrade than activating the new phone on your line would unactivate the 5s and since you signed up for a new contract the 5s would be free of ETF.

    In that case you could sell it outright. You want the IMEI/ESN to be clear, because if you still owe ETF on the phone Sprint will blacklist it which would seriously mess up the buyer.

    If you simply just want to sell the phone before you get a new one, you'll have to pay the ETF and have it deactivated off your account before it would be clear to sell.

    As to unlocking, erase that as a thought in your head. Yes, Sprint does unlocking. But, only for international, outside of the US use. Sprint does not and will not unlock for domestic use.

    Your SIM card is paired to the phone. This is how Sprint controls locking phones. If you remove the SIM card the phone will not function and would have to be brought in and paired with a new Sprint SIM before the buyer could get it working. So, leave it in the phone. You'll get a new SIM card in your new phone.

    As to the value of the 5s after one year, IDK. I don't sell my phones so I couldn't tell you.


    I don't want to sound argumentative because there is some truth in your statements. But if the OP is eligible for an upgrade, then signing a new contract releases him from the ETF of the old phone. But you have to be eligible. Otherwise, everything you said is then true.
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