Best way to setup local file server with remote customer folders?

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    I previously configured a VPS with Ubuntu Server to host individual FTP accounts setup on a remote file server for our customers to upload files to. We then SFTP into that remote file server as the master user and download those files to our local fileserver. It works well enough, but the space is limited and it means having to transfer everything twice.

    We have an extra Mac Mini which I installed Lion Server on tonight and a 100 down / 5 up internet connection and what I'd like to do is move this setup in-house.

    How would you recommend accomplishing a similar setup with Lion Server?


    1. Quickly setup unique jailed folders for remote customers to upload files to.
    2. Have master read/write access to those customer folders available on our local network.

    I've never touched an OSX server before and am not a server admin, I just have done enough playing on Ubuntu Server to get by.

    Any help getting me started would be greatly appreciated.
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    I don't have lion yet but the way I did this with sl was to set up users in workgroup manager (google lion server admin tools: and then have my users VPN into the network. They have access to a common work folder as well as their own private space. They can use finder or explorer to drag/drop files. Easy and familiar to most users.

    But their upload speeds could be an issue for large files.

    Otherwise use or

    Or you setup an FTP server on the Mac.

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