Best way to ship a desktop computer

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by iBookG4user, Sep 24, 2006.

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    (sorry if this is in the wrong place but I couldn't find a better place to put it)

    I'm going to be selling a windows desktop computer very soon and I was wondering what the best way to ship it was. I mean the protection (ie bubble wrap, peanuts etc.) and the service (ie UPS, USPS etc.).
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    So, assuming that you don't have the original shipping container:

    Wrap the machine a couple of times in bubble wrap and place it in a smallish sturdy box, so that it's pretty tight fitting. Take that box and place it in a larger shipping carton (double walled/sturdy) that's filled sufficiently with packing peanuts. Reinforce tape all the edges and openings with that stringy packing tape.

    As for shipper, I prefer FedEx if you can swing it. Otherwise, UPS has worked OK for me.
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    I built the computer so I don't have a box for it and the computer case box got lost somewhere. And thanks for the advice!
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    Bubble wrap good but not peanuts

    I was told to bubble wrap the pc's but not to use peanuts. Peanuts will ususally become built up with static electricity , that can be very bad for pc components.
  5. eljanitor, Nov 14, 2011
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    Make sure you get insurance!!!!!!

    Make sure you get insurance. I built a computer for a friend once and then I put it in the box the case came in. The box had heavy molded styrofoam shaped to fit the case perfectly, so I figured how could I go wrong? I then went to a certain chain shipping store to ship this computer. The owner of the store convinced me to buy shipping insurance because he would not be able to do anything "if" something were to happen to it in shipping.

    One week later my friend gets his computer and asks why there is a huge hole in one side of the box, and if it's supposed to rattle. So after he put the RAM back in it still wouldn't work, but it was running perfectly before I boxed it up.

    After being told by shipping company ex that it wasn't their problem, and they would not cover the damage or honor their insurance policy that I paid for, I tried the insurance I also purchased from the chain shipping store.

    The owner of the store, pretended that he didn't remember me from last week, and refused to honor his shipping insurance as well. He said call the number on the receipt if I in fact I had ever shipped it from his location. So I called the number and reached their corporate offices and got the same answer. So nobody was going to honor the shipping insurance and reimburse us for the value of the equipment. To make a long story short we never saw the $600.00 and change plus the shipping charges ever.

    I learned if you're going to ship something like an expensive computer: Go to the US Post office and do it that way, they honor their insurance unlike some private companies.
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    Best way to ship a desktop computer

    WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T DO WHAT I DID: and try and ship your desktop with the components such as the graphics card or even the hard drive(s) inside. They will get mega trashed! Super hosed! Gonzo! Bye-bye!

    Take all the components out and ship them separately!!
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    When we ship out computers or screens at work if we don't have the original packaging the courier won't insure the item. We currently use UPS. All I can say if it's got a screen cut out a piece of thick cardboard to place over the panel before you bubble wrap and box. Use polystyrene if you can get some so the computer is in the middle of the box with packaging all around. Don't worry about fragil tape as in my experience most drivers can't read!
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    Maybe that's the difference between Mac and PCs. I sold MacPros with the component and drives still in and they arrived no problems.

    Perhaps its because I keep the original box the MacPro came in, nonetheless it arrived unscathed.

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