Best way to split files across SSD and HD?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by neilw, Mar 22, 2013.

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    I installed a 256 SSD into my 2009 iMac to supplement the existing 500 GB HD. I wanted the extra speed as well as additional space. My plan was to do a DIY fusion drive, but I'm not yet convinced that actually works correctly, given the multiple conflicting reports. Still waiting to see if it's better under 10.8.3.

    Anyway, I'm now considering instead to just split my data across the two partitions, and need to figure out a smart way to do that. My user directory is 320 GB, and everything else together is about 30 GB. So the only question is which parts of my user directory should go on the SSD.

    Here's my /user directory usage:
    Movies: 26 GB
    Music: 48 GB
    iPhoto Library: 158 GB
    Everything else: 88 GB

    The iPhoto library is the thing that is most steadily growing.

    So what's a smart strategy? I was first thinking to put everything on the SSD *except* Music and the iPhoto library, which would put about 150 GB on the SSD and 200 GB on the HD with plenty of headroom. I think this would be pretty easy to implement, since all I'd need to do is tell iPhoto and iTunes where to find their respective libraries.

    Any reason why this wouldn't work well? In the longer run, I'd much prefer the Fusion drive, so I don't have to think about this stuff, but I'd like to start enjoying the SSD in the meantime...
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    Yeah, pretty easy to implement and shouldn't give you any problems, so it would be a good start. You can tune it more later.

    For the record: DIY Fusion is working well for me. It is moving data between the drives as advertised, keeping a buffer on the SSD for writes and so on.

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