Best way to sync a (large) folder between 2 Macs via an external hard drive (without the internet)

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mmmhmm, May 10, 2019.

  1. mmmhmm macrumors newbie

    Apr 12, 2019
    I need to sync all of my work data between my Macbook Pro and my studio Mac Mini, but my studio wifi can't keep up - it's just really slow to upload - so I need another solution to sync to my Macbook Pro, as I often need to do work from the laptop and at the moment my data is stuck on the Mac Mini in the studio. It would be great if all of my work (about 300gb at any one time) could be on a portable hard drive, which I would carry around. I assume there's an elegant and reliable solution to get this working, but I can't figure out what that is. Very appreciative of any help!
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    I use "Folder Sync" from to keep a series of folders synced through several drives. It is really powerful and customizable.

    Got it from the Mac App Store.
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    Why is a portable drive not a solution? You can get a 1 TB SSD for about $100, and an enclosure for about $15. If you want something smaller and sleeker, you could get a Samsung T5 - 500 GB is under $100, 1 TB is $170.

    Corsair makes a thumb drive with SSD speeds for $130 for the 500 GB model.
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    I use Chronsync. First sync will be slow, but after that it just needs to update changes. And it can do 2-way sync. I use if with my MacBook to sync a subset of the data on my iMac. Note: It seems expensive, but you never need to pay for an upgrade.
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    A big shoutout to Chronosync. I use it standalone and also with its agent. Whenever I do a large folder copy I use it instead of the Finder. Easy to restart without copying everything over again. Also easy to keep things in sync.

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