Best way to transfer content to new MBP without using time machine

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by EricaV, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2008
    I just bought a new MBP retina because my current MBP (2011/2012 or so) is locking up on me and I need a spare machine to use. Since my old one seems full of unknown glitches and software I don't use any more I think it's best to manually set up the new machine and reinstall everything. I'm willing to do this patiently but curious if there's a more selective way to transfer stuff- especially things like my email settings and folders.

    2nd question- I have never wiped and started over on a MBP, but I would like to do this on my older one. It's still in great shape but locking up and super slow. I admit I haven't had the time to figure out why. Any suggestions about whether to tinker with it or just start over ? The problem is that it's functioning like an old windows PC- taking forever to do EVERYTHING and not responding in almost all apps except finder/moving and copying files. BTW. I suspect an encryption program I tried to use with dropbox called Sookasa has caused this. Does anyone have experience with this app ? I have uninstalled it for now but my system seems forever f-ed up !

    Thanks for any/all help !
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Migration assistant will do it just pop out the hard drive put in an enclosure and connect to the new laptop then use migration assistant to move accross th fils you want.

    You can even do it by connecting the 2 machines with Ethernet cable but you'd need an adapter for the retina.

    Or back up the files you want to an external drive and then load from there, you can even use migration assistant with a time machine back up and use it to choose what you want to move accross.

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