Best way to transfer data to a new MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by guitargoddsjm, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Pulled the trigger and ordered a 13" MBA with a 256gb SSD a few nights ago. I'm upgrading from a MBP with a 500gb HD, so I'm trying to think of the best way to move my data over. When I got that computer, I restored from a time machine backup because it was a jump up in size; however now, I'm going down.

    My MBP currently has about 270gb of data, but that's including a 35gb Aperture library that I could move off disk, a ~40gb folder of movies that I'll move to an external drive, and a small Steam library that I'll delete or move to an external. After handling these and a few other big items, I think I could migrate over to the new computer, but it might be a little tight.

    I'm also thinking of starting from scratch and installing applications as I need them and transferring my most important data over. This is way more time consuming, but I think I'll cut away some of the bloat that accumulated after a while that I wouldn't touch otherwise.

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    More time overall but you don't have to do everything in one seating... move stuff over at your needs/leisure.

    One always accumulate craps and haven't touched in years. Perfect time to start anew.
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    After downgrading in hard drive space when I swapped from my MBP to my MBA, I would say either clean up the files on your old drive so that the time machine backup is smaller than your MBA drive or just move stuff manually as you need it. I did a combination of the two as it gave my the opportunity to clean up my files and figure out what I actually needed. I managed to do this over the course of a weekend while still going out on Friday and Saturday night.

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